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SOEN: Passion will always fuel the dream

The engaging, enchanting, cutting, yet beautiful Swedish metal supergroup Soen just released a new enchanting video for the single “Fortune”. The track is taken from the forthcoming release ATLANTIS, out via Silver Lining Music on November 18th, 2022 and we grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with the band.

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‘Fortune’ is a song about getting beaten up by life, falling down again and again, but getting back up regardless. Which is a beautiful, inspiring message. Do you think music has a cathartic, therapeutic role that helps people bounce back up?

Music is, of course, subjective and felt by and used by people in a variety of positive ways. But I think that generally, yes, music does play that role in many people’s lives. When you feel down and out, or you feel like your feelings are hard to understand or come to terms with, or you just need a reminder that you’re not battling your battles alone – that your battles are not unique to you, that is when music is really there for you. It paints the human condition in ways that make you feel understood, and that is certainly therapeutic. 

Did you, as a band ever felt like quitting and what kept you going?

No, never. Music first and foremost is a passion before anything. We’d be doing this no matter what. But there is the passion of music and there is the dream of seeing the world and making ends meet through music.

The passion will always fuel the dream. 

What would you say is the core essence of SOEN?

I’d say honesty

Our music is very true to us, oftentimes revolving around personal experience or what we’re witnessing in the world. We hear a lot from fans that our music helped them through dark times and I think that’s because there is an earnesty in the music that really resonates with people.

Let’s talk about ‘ATLANTIS’. It is a special concert film featuring thirteen of your most popular compositions reinterpreted with live orchestral accompaniment. What made you pursue this concept?

It just started as a fun idea. We knew we were the kind of band that could pull something like this off because of our softer side/ballads. We thought hiring some A+ musicians and presenting these songs in a legendary studio would make for a magical experience and final result blew our expectations out of the water. 

What does the title reveal about the film’s creation?

The name Atlantis is just referencing the Atlantis Grammophone Studio that we recorded in. Some legendary artists have recorded there and it feels incredible to be a small part of their history now. 

You worked together with an 8-piece orchestra for ‘ATLANTIS’. Was it hard working with so many people, and how did you articulate exactly what you needed from them?

Lars did an excellent job arranging the parts for the extra musicians. We sort of sat down together with some acoustic guitars to see which songs would fit the vibe we were looking for and went from there. Incredibly, we only had a few hours to rehearse with the orchestra the day prior to filming, but thankfully they are all world-class and made our lives easy. 

You also covered Slipknot’s “Snuff” which came as a surprise. What made you choose this particular song?

We just had a good feeling it would be a perfect fit for the setlist. It has a lot of elements a Soen ballad has – the vulnerability, earnesty, intensity and emotion. It also fit Joel’s vocal style and range perfectly. The way he delivered Snuff was beautiful. 

You will shortly embark on a twenty-date North American Tour. What a milestone! How do you prep for a tour and how do you cope with their crazy schedule and hustle of the tour life? 

Luckily we’ve been doing the Imperial tour all year now, so we’ve got a lot of practice under our belts. We basically prepare the week leading up to the tour and meet each other on the stage. The band is full of top notch musicians so we can count on each other to bring it every night. As for coping with the crazy schedule – it’s a mix of having great families that support you back home and just having the experience to manage everything that is happening. We’ve also got a great crew on our side steering our ship in the right direction. 

They say that the first ingredient of your success is to dream a great dream. What are your dreams for the future of the band?

The dream is to simply do this as long as we can, to continue to produce good albums, to continue to see as much of the world as we can playing music, and to grow to be the biggest band we can be thanks to the best fans in the world.

We’ll continue to work hard to make these dreams happen. 

Soen are:

Martin Lopez, Drums and percussion

Joel EkelöfLead vocals

Lars Enok ÅhlundGuitars and Piano

Cody Lee FordLead Guitar

Oleksii ”Zlatoyar” KobelBass


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