Melted Bodies – ‘The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1’ EP

Independent Release
Daughters, Dillinger Escape Plan, Chat Pile, System of a Down, The Armed
Release Date
November 25, 2022
Independent Release
Industrial/Progressive Metal/Mathcore/Avant-Garde

Melted Bodies throw genre sensibility out of the window but thankfully keep melody at the forefront while they experiment musically. I say “thankfully” because this band has a lot to say and it would be a shame for that message to be skipped due to abrasive sounds and disregard for the listener.

‘The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1’ is an EP that incorporates a wide range of influences that many wouldn’t think are adjacent. There’s metal riffing that ranges from crossover thrash to more alternative and industrial like Powerman 5000. Meanwhile the synth experiments with more electronic sounds like Nine Inch Nails and Duran Duran. Then the vocals are performed with either a progressive theatre delivery, a punk metal growl, or even a B52’s swing.

All of this musical cacophony is packaged with biting social commentary. It makes sense that the music and arrangements don’t follow convention. Listen to the lyrics and its evident this is a band that harbors dissatisfaction. It’s not depressing-sounding music though; every song is upbeat and intense. It’s a joy to be surprised by what they do next. However, perhaps a little convention would be recommended. The EP starts with two minutes and five seconds of noise experimentation before it really gets going with the message. It would be a shame for a potential listener to miss what the band has to say because they check out before the EP even gets started. If you want something out of the norm and meaningful give this one a spin.

"If you want something out of the norm and meaningful give this one a spin"

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