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L.S. Dunes – ‘Past Lives’

Fantasy Records
My Chemical Romance, Pencey Prep, Leathermouth, Thursday, Frank Iero and the Patience
Release Date
November 11, 2022
Fantasy Records
Alternative Rock/Emo/Post Hardcore

Supergroup is word that is far too often batted round today, but when it comes to L.S. Dunes, it is a word which fits perfectly. Formed by musicians revelling in the post-emo/hardcore scene, Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance and Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria join forced with with Tim Payne and Tucker Rule of Thursday/Yellowcard and vocalist Antony Green from Cira Survive to release their debut album ‘Past Lives’.

As an album, ‘Past Lives’ may be bubbling with emo energy, but there really isn’t anything here that is really unique or we haven’t heard before and because of this, it can take more than a few listens to get to know and become friends with these 11 tracks. However, after a few listens, it becomes apparent that ‘Past Lives’ is a call to arms for fans of emo, ‘It Takes Time’ presents a different take on the genre for 2022 with its ‘matter over mind’ lyrical approach that would have fans of Death Spells and Leathermouth itching to the give it a listen. Those who know what Green can deliver with Cira Survive, the vocals here are rallying, crying and growling in equal measure allowing many different layers for the listener to peel off.

The musicianship here shows that Iero and co. are masters of their craft, ‘Past Lives’ shows sharp contrasts and conflicts, but realistically, it is a little bit in disarray, but this is organised chaos that works, but like most supergroups with such great expectations, it was always going to be difficult to match it, but ‘Past Lives’ is good, it’s just not great.

"‘Past Lives’ is good, it’s just not great"

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