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High Command – ‘Eclipse of the Dual Moons’

Southern Lord Recordings
Power Trip, Enforced, Iron Age, Inhuman Nature, Red Death, Ninth Realm, Deceased
Release Date
November 25, 2022
Southern Lord Recordings
Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore Punk

What would happen if a sword and sorcery author like Robert E. Howard or Michael Moorcock was to produce a fantasy film and commission a thrash band to score the soundtrack? They’d probably hire Massachusetts’ High Command and it would probably sound like ‘Eclipse of the Dual Moons’.

With their sophomore LP, High Command pens a high-concept fantasy world with energetic and battle-ready thrash metal. They adroitly weave back and forth between the speed of the bay area sound and more epic passages akin to more traditional heavy metal like Mercyful Fate all while pushing forth a tale of sword conquering and fates of their realm of Secartha.

I sat down for an interview with guitarist Ryan McArdle (linked below) where he explained more about their conceptual world and the way that affected his writing. For listeners curious about the story and the sound they should give this album a spin. For fans of thrash metal with extreme vocals and explosive guitars, this album is mandatory. The story aspect is interesting and fun, but the star of the show is the music. The band goes epic when the story calls for it, but they never forget they’re a thrash band whose job is to create a head-banging good time. This one is not only worth your time but possibly worthy of a vinyl purchase if you’re into their spectacular art.

"a head-banging good time"

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