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Jaded Heart – ‘Heart Attack’

Massacre Records
Bonfire, Eclipse, Art Nation, Johan Kihlberg's Impera, Eden's Curse, Fate, TAX
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Massacre Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

                There are a lot of bands out there who undergo a massive stylistic change, it is often part and parcel of a band and especially if they’ve been going for 35 years. One band who underwent this change, tore off their AOR shackles and adopted a heavier approach are Jaded Heart who are back with their latest album ‘Heart Attack’.

                In the grand scheme of things, Jaded Heart have had a LOT of albums, the Germans have been living relentlessly on the hamster wheel of record, release, tour for a very long time now and you would think that the creative well would be struggling, but actually no. ‘Heart Attack’ is a good solid album of melodic heavy metal with plenty of hard rock tendencies that show that when it comes to song crafting, Jaded Heart really know how to toss their massive whale hook into the sea of melody and come out with some whoppers. Tracks such as ‘Blood Red Skies’, ‘Midnight Stalker’ and ‘Sweet Sensation’ show a band which can easily keep their demographic open appealing to both those who like their music laden with melody and with just enough of a steel edge to keep metal fans entertained with all the enjoyability of Bonfire, Eclipse and Pretty Maids.

                The sound of ‘Heart Attack’ is everything that we have come to expect from Jaded Heart in the last decade and this release is a solid album and if you’re looking for a decent album loaded with earworms and replayability then ‘Heart Attack’ is a good shout.

"‘Heart Attack’ is everything that we have come to expect from Jaded Heart"

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