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Ancient Flame – ‘Blood Stained the Barren Land’

Independent Release
Orphaned Land, Symphony X, Opeth, Melechesh
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

                When it comes to exploring ancient themes of Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, Therion are no strangers to the dark side of the fertile crescent. It is therefore no surprise that Risto Hämäläinen known for his work as a touring vocalist for Therion should continue to delve head first into these themes with Ancient Flame who have released their debut album ‘Blood Stained the Barren Land’.

                With this debut album, this is most definitely not a Therion copy or even anything remotely like Therion. No more of them are needed. What Ancient Flame deliver with ‘Blood Stained…’ is a good album of heavy metal which unleashes its Cthulu tentacles and wriggles them into many different sounds bringing in touches of many different genres without ever compromising that solid heavy metal sound. This means through tracks such as ‘The Great Flood’, ‘Sin of Ur’ and ‘Sargon (The Legacy)’ will have fans of the likes of Orphaned Land, Symphony X and even Opeth and Melechesh intrigued.

With sounds like this, it is no surprise that ‘Blood Stained…’ keeps its sounds far and wide that will honestly either appeal to a wide demographic or conversely, struggle to appeal to any. This does mean that Ancient Flame have delivered an album which isn’t exactly easy to get into, but after a few listens, the cogs turn and the listener will find that realistically, ‘Blood Stained…’ is a thoroughly enjoyable album.

"‘Blood Stained…’ is a thoroughly enjoyable album"

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