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Money Hacks for Metalheads and New Millennials: The Revised and Expanded Second Edition

Author and musician JESSIE MAY is excited to announce the release of her book Money Hacks for Metalheads and New Millennials: The Revised and Expanded Second Edition.  This updated version includes a more detailed investing section and a chapter on heavy metal parenthood featuring interviews with Amy Tung of YEAR OF THE COBRA and many more underground musicians.
After many years as a musician, blogger, and public relations writer, MAY released the first edition of Money Hacks in September 2020 to share practical advice for bands seeking to expand their audience, as well as explanations of essential personal finance concepts such as budgeting, credit repair, and retirement investing.  The book made a strong impression in both the underground music scene and personal finance circles; it ranked #4 in Ghost Cult Magazine’s Top 10 Books of 2020, as well as being a 2021 Plutus Awards finalist for Best New Personal Finance Book.
Since the book’s publication, MAY and her husband Jim Clegg have become parents twice over, encountering many new financial situations along the way.  In the second edition’s parenthood chapter, May discusses financial issues such as childcare costs and planning for higher education – and also shares how she and Clegg have been adapting musical endeavors with their band TURKEY VULTURE to fit into family life.  Other musicians weigh in as well, including Amy Tung of YEAR OF THE COBRA, Marisa Torrieri Bloom of punk band TRASHING VIOLET, Chris Begnal of hard rockers ENTIERRO, and more.

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