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‘Marco Luponero & the Loud Ones – ‘Life and Death’

Independent Release
Motörhead, Hardcore Superstar, Speedwolf, King Zebra
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Punk

The self-described “Decibelvis From Hellvis” (who am I to argue with that?) Finland’s Marco Luponero sound is firmly entrenched in glorious old school Rock ‘n’ Roll. The album rips open with the raucous “Hook,” a song about a zombie pirate. That’s right. And it only gets better from there. ‘Life  & Death’ isn’t about musical finesse or lofty lyrics. It’s about proudly flying the flag of Rock and Metal for all to see. It ain’t always pretty (okay, it’s seldom pretty), and Luponero isn’t a consummate wordsmith, but it is legit. I applaud him for making his music his way.

With shrapnel-laced vocals and a breakneck distorted soundscape, Luponero and his Loud Ones tear the proverbial roof off. At times sounding like Motörhead meets Reverend Horton Heat and then Speedwolf mixed with a pissed off Brian Setzer, ‘Life & Death’ is real and refreshing, yet feels familiar in all the right ways. The straight-up rockers make up most songs, but it’s when the frazzed-out histrionics take a back seat to melody is when the album really shines. “Sanctuary” and “Home To You” are darn fine songs; maybe we’ll see more of this down the road. Or perhaps we’ll just hear more tunes about zombie pirates. Either way is fine. Having fun is kinda the point, right?

Respectfully paraphrasing a particular legend, his name is Luponero, and he plays Rock ‘n’ Roll.

"his name is Luponero, and he plays Rock 'n' Roll"

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