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Freternia – ‘The Final Stand’

Rock of Angels Records
Persuader, Derdian, Insania, Helloween, Iron Savior, Blind Guardian
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Rock of Angels Records
Power Metal

                There’s the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ and it can be applied to most things in life. But in the world of heavy metal where bands are on the hamster wheel permanently, it is much more pertinent. One band who seemingly live by this mantra are Freternia who are back with their fourth studio album ‘The Final Stand’.

                Those familiar with the sound that Freternia play won’t be surprised that with ‘The Final Stand’, the Swedes deliver an absolute beast of an album. This is the sound of a band on top form as they once again deliver quality over quantity. Once again, ‘The Last Stand’ delivers classic power metal done right as galloping rhythms take on lightning quick guitars over which soaring melodies are delivered with vocalist Pasi Humppi once again delivering a masterclass in how to sing power metal. This means that through tracks such as ‘Friends in Enemy Land’, ‘Guardians of Time’ and ‘Elvenstar’, ‘The Final Stand’ brings about all the appeal of the likes of Persuader, Derdian and Insania, but also those really familiar bands such as Helloween and Iron Savior with the fantasy aspect of this album really able to drag in those fans from Blind Guardian.

                If you’re looking for a power metal album to whack it out of the park this year, then ‘The Last Stand’ is a really good shout. It won’t do anything for the uninitiated, but it is great.

"a power metal album which whacks it out of the park"

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