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Autograph – ‘Beyond’

Frontiers Records
Ratt, Kix, Velvet Revolver, Great White, Quiet Riot, Dokken
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Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

                Picture it, 1984 and you’re strutting your stuff down Sunset Strip. Suddenly, the pocket on your leopard print spandex vibrates, it’s your cell phone and it is an email. You click the link, and it says over and over again “sign in please”, “sign in please”, “sign in please”, then you realise you’re not on Sunset Strip, it isn’t 1984, you’re in the car park of a B&Q and it’s 2022. You carefully sign in and it’s the announcement that Autograph are back with their first album in five years ‘Beyond’.

                ‘Beyond’ is an apt title for this latest Autograph offering because sadly, founding member of Autograph bassist Randy Rand is sadly no long with us having passed away back in April. Rand may have ventured beyond, but this latest Autograph offering shows Rand is very much still with us. Realistically, ‘Beyond’ very much carries on in the same vein that Autograph have been pursuing since their 2013 reformation. Therefore, what the listener gets here is an album which takes a step away from that 80’s glam metal sound and one which takes in a general modern hard rock sound where tracks such as ‘Your Slave Tonight’, ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Flying High’ also bring in an alternative rock feel that will appeal to not only fans of Autograph, but may also bring in fans of the work of Scott Weiland.

                Autograph have returned with a decent album of rock that is guaranteed to draw in a wide appeal. ‘Beyond’ may not have that certain panache to take it into the upper echelons of releases, but what it does do, it does well, so you know, turn the up radio!

"turn up the radio!"

Come on in!

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