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Taipei Houston – ‘Once Bit Never Bored’

C3 Records
The White Stripes, Dead Weather, Pack A.D., The Heavy Eyes, John the Conqueror
Release Date
November 4, 2022
C3 Records
Alternative/Garage Rock

Offspring of musical icons doing “their own thing” is hardly new. The sons of Lars Ulrich, Layne (bass/vocals) and Myles (drums/guitar) clearly have name recognition on their side, but quickly point out they have a voice all their own. (Thanks, dad; we’ll take it from here.”) 

‘Once Bit Never Bored’ is a wild and frenetic fuzz fest. Ranging anywhere from The Dead Weather to Black Joe Lewis, the album is a hyperactive tri-color speedball. It rips and zips with plenty of snap and grab peppered with lo-fi dirty Blues. Needle in the red is mandatory here.

The first three tracks are essentially interchangeable, so I was little skeptical early on. But then, things open up nicely. Tracks like “Hypocrite” and “Respecter” (and pretty much everything else)offer irresistible riffs by the ton. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes playfully aggressive, the album is a buzzing free-for-all that barely straddles the rails. These are all good things by the way.

But addressing the (Jack) White elephant in the room, Taipei Houston wears its influences on both sleeves with Layne sounding more like White than the man himself. All fine by me. After all, Mr. White is in his mid-40s now. Let that sink in. The White Stripes and their brethren are transitioning to the realm of (gasp) Classic Rock.  Time for the new kids to show us what they’ve learned. If ‘Bored’ is any indication, Rock ‘n’ Roll will be just fine.

"Sometimes whimsical, sometimes playfully aggressive"

Come on in!

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