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Arc of Life – ‘Don’t Look Down’

Frontiers Records
Yes, Jon Anderson, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Marillion, Fish, Van Der Graaf Generator
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Frontiers Records
Progressive Rock

                Progressive rock is a genre where the listener casts their mind back to dingily lit smoke-filled bedrooms in the 70’s, turntable going round and round with an obligatory ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ poster. Yes, this is true, but prog rock didn’t go anywhere, and this year has prog rock luminaries Arc of Life (AoL) returning with their sophomore album ‘Don’t Look Down’.

                Immediately from the off, ‘Don’t Look Down’ sets the precedent with an absolutely beautiful high-quality production which pulls the listener in, sits them down and places a good set of headphones on them and says, “you are in for a sonic journey”. Therefore, with this album AoL pick up where the previous album left off with high quality prog rock that is guaranteed to put a warm smile on any fan of the genre as large swathes of music reach the top echelons of progressive music with extensive, sprawling songs interspersed with the punchier tracks in their repertoire. Naturally, this means that sometimes it is difficult to keep a 100% focused attention and on subconscious listening, it is a guaranteed that you’d be convinced that you were listening to Yes. Of course, it would be Yes, the vocalist is Jon Davison and bassist is Billy Sherwood, two members of the current Yes line-up.

There is a hell of a lot more to AoL than just a couple of the blokes from Yes, this is progressive rock delivered nigh on perfectly, of course there’s an overarching Yes sound, but with ‘Don’t Look Down’, the band are certainly finding their own identity and with this, ‘Don’t Look Down’ is a prog rock masterpiece that any fan of the genre should get their snowdog paws on.

"a prog rock masterpiece"

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