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Threshold – ‘Dividing Lines’

Nuclear Blast
Dream Theater, Symphony X, Haken, Star One, Lost in Thought, Shadow Gallery, Fates Warning
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Progressive Metal

                There aren’t many bands out there with 30 years-worth of consistently top quality releases, but in the progressive metal scene, England’s Threshold have managed this feat of absolute admiration. Five years have passed since Threshold released their excellent ‘Legend of the Shires’ album and this year finally has Threshold returning with their latest opus ‘Dividing Lines’.

                Without beating around the bush too much, ‘Dividing Lines’ picks up where the previous album left off. However, this isn’t ‘Legend…’ pt. 2, pretty sure that Threshold’s creative genius/well wouldn’t allow this to happen, instead ‘Dividing Lines’ goes full throttle, in the best way that progressive metal can and is wibbles from side to side in 6/8, 4/4, 7/4, 12/8 and 13/8 time as compound time signatures and polyrhythms are the order of the day. These are delivered through an absolutely pristine production where the listener could bounce a pin off it with ‘Dividing Lines’ arguably being one of the best produced albums that they have heard all year. Not only does this allow the musicianship to truly shine, but it also never stifles it, making it feel cold or calculated like so many of their peers. Instead, this is warm and welcoming and the listener is invited in by vocalist Glynn Morgan who delivers a superb performance during the likes of ‘The Domino Effect’ and ‘Defence Condition’.

                Those are looking for a superb album of progressive metal need look no further than this latest Threshold release. ‘Dividing Lines’ is arguably one of the best progressive metal albums of the year and any self-respecting fan of the genre should grab a copy now.

"‘Dividing Lines’ is arguably one of the best progressive metal albums of the year"

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