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Soen – ‘Atlantis’

Silver Lining Music
Riverside, Leprous, Caligula's Horse, Rishloo, Haken, Pain of Salvation, Wheel
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Silver Lining Music
Progressive Metal/Rock

Progressive metal is a genre where it isn’t unheard of for bands to spread their musical wings and work together in different projects. Over the years, Soen have delivered plenty of works for fans to pontificate over and this year has Soen bringing a rather different project to the forefront as the band release their latest live album ‘Atlantis’.

                For Soen fans, ‘Atlantis’ presents the perfect way to celebrate a decade of the band. To do this, Soen filmed and recorded 13 tracks spanning the bands career recorded live with an eight-piece orchestra. What this means for Soen fans with ‘Atlantis’ is that through these 13 tracks, they’ll be able to hear reimagining and reworking of great Soen tracks such as ‘Monarch’, ‘Jinn’ and ‘Antagonist’ which bring a real sense of epic majesty to the occasion. Furthermore, with ‘Atlantis’ Soen show that not only are the creative wheels still turning with the excellent new track ‘Trials’, but the band also take the hit song ‘Snuff’ by Slipknot and give it an eerie, dark orchestral progressive metal/rock feel.

                Thankfully, ‘Atlantis’ may be orchestral, but it never strays into symphonic metal territory, this is Soen doing exactly what they do best and with ‘Atlantis’, Soen celebrate a decade in style with a greatest hits delivered with a real panache that will serve as a great introduction to the band for new comers as well as established veterans.

"Soen doing exactly what they do best"

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