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Blast From The Past Fest: We have some bad news and some good news

We have some bad news and good news

❌ The bad news: Sadly, Bonfire won’t be able to make it for this edition of Blast from the Past. As dedicated Bonfire fans will know, the band parted ways with their singer Alexx Stahl (see the recent official statement on the Bonfire FB page) and let us know there will be no replacement ready in time for December 10th. We wish them the best of luck, and hope to see them back on one of the festival’s next editions.

��The good news: The festival worked really hard to find the best possible alternative for Bonfire and are unbelievably honored that heavy metal legends Raven are up to playing on the stage. Raven doesn’t need much of an intro to any NWOBHM maniac.

Just having played a show with Metallica in Florida USA, Blast from the Past Festival will be their only exclusive European show this year.

�� If you want to rock until you drop, there’s no time like December 10th!

�� No tickets yet? They are going quick now. Get them right here:

☠️➡️ Rsvp and stay updated through the eventpage:

Come on in!

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