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Fleshwater – ‘We’re Not Here to be Loved’

Closed Casket Activities
Deftones, Loathe, Vein, Soul Blind, Narrow Head, Leaving Time
Release Date
Closed Casket Activities
Post-Hardcore/Shoegaze/Alternative Metal

Metalcore/Hardcore band side project? Is this another poorly thought-out ballads album everyone is gonna forget by Christmas? Definitely not. Anthony, Matt and Jeremy from Vein (or, take your pick) have gone out of their way to be willfully different here, acquiring the female lead vocal services of Marisa Shirar, and presumably locking themselves in a cold room with Deftones albums on repeat, as this is almost a love-letter to the late 90s/early 2000s alternative metal scene, with low guitars, distant vocals, and dramatic pauses before riffs and fills aplenty.

But to level these statements at Fleshwater is almost unkind. Sure, there’s distinct and obvious Deftones / Alt Metal influence, and everything else that comes part and parcel with that scene; but there’s also fantastic originality and novelty here. It’s less a love-letter, and more a graded paper, showing the bands they have been inspired by what they could have done, down to the addition of shoegaze elements, the distinct conciseness of it all [27 minutes runtime, with only 2 tracks breaking the 4 minute barrier], and the exceptional blend of modern production and lo-fi 2000s sound; leading to an fantastically consistent album sure to win fans old and young alike.

 If this is just the beginning, you have every right to be excited about what comes next.

"Modern brilliance, dripping with nostalgia"

Come on in!

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