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Ayreon – ‘Universal Migrator Part I & II (2022 Remixed and Remastered)’

Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings
Star One, Ambeon, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Guilt Machine, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Gentle Storm
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings
Progressive Metal/Rock

                There have been hundreds of Dutch bands and more often than not, the musicianship is of virtuoso level… there is most definitely something in that Dutch water. One virtuoso musician is Arjen Lucassen, the multi-instrumentalist behind progressive rock/metal band Ayreon and this year has Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings reissuing the mega ‘Universal Migrator 1: The Dream Sequencer’ and ‘Universal Migrator 2: Flight of the Migrator’ into one compilation titled ‘Universal Migrator Part I & II (2022 Remixed and Remastered)’.

                Lucassen is a perfectionist and with this release, the musician has not outsourced to some faceless person to conduct this remaster and remix, Lucassen has taken the time to painstakingly complete it themselves and therefore ‘Universal…’ has been wonderfully brought into the modern era. This reissue will also be available in multiple formats; the first one will be a limited-edition five CD set which will also include a bonus DVD featuring previously unreleased mixes for all the audiophiles to digest alongside a 56-page booklet, a 40 page comic alongside and a plethora of images from the creative process. Secondly, ‘Universal…’ will also be available as a limited-edition vinyl box set which will contain four marble vinyl in gatefold sleeves that will also come with a DVD as well a double-sided poster to stick up on your wall as well as a sticker sheet. However, this will also be available as a two CD and bonus disc as well as both ‘Universal…’ parts one and two will be available separately as 180g transparent orange vinyl. For those who prefer content over aesthetics, these bonus discs will contain unreleased material where the zealous Ayreon fan will be able to fill their boots with different track versions as well as tracks which were omitted and have been lying in state in Lucassen’s attic for 22 years.

                With this reissue, Ayreon have delivered quite arguably an utter beast, there is two very good albums here to get your hands on and yes, there’ll be those who will debate the remix differences for eternity, but if you’d rather not quibble and just enjoy some great progressive metal/rock then this ‘Universal…’ is a good shout.

"With this reissue, Ayreon have delivered quite arguably an utter beast"

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