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SteppenDoom – ‘SteppenDoom’

Magnetic Eye Records
Sleep, The Hu, Electric Wizard, Om, High On Fire, Monolord
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Magnetic Eye Records
Doom Metal/Drone

Famed audio engineer and composer Marc Urselli had a vision. That vision is western doom metal with eastern indigenous throat singing. The resulting album ‘SteppenDoom’ is both psychedelic and unsettling.  It’s not just a gimmick though. Marc didn’t just write doom riffs and bring the throat singers in. The hits and crescendos weave in and out of the eerie chants. The two worlds weren’t merely mixed, they collaborated.

Songs like ‘Etugen Eke and Od Ana’ create psychedelic movement, while ‘Agloolik Igaluk’ is downright horrifying. The music and vocals on the latter create an ominous atmosphere as if it’s the soundtrack to the birth of a cosmic horror.  Meanwhile ‘Shambhala’ conjures images of the sunrise ascending spring landscapes in the eastern steppes and ‘Peri to Ela Guren’ sounds like a summoning ritual.

The sound is cohesive in vision but diverse in atmosphere thanks to the numerous guest collaborators including Sleep and High on Fire guitarist, Mike Pike. This isn’t pop music. It won’t have memorable choruses or earworm instrumental melodies. If you’re looking for party or road trip music this isn’t it. But if you want to experience something wholly unique and mystical this is the album for you. Dim the lights, imbibe in the plant medicine, and put your headphones on for this record. It should be heard at least once and if it moves you, listen again. You will find new treasures on each subsequent spin.

"cohesive in vision but diverse in atmosphere"

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