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Gaupa – ‘Myriad’

Nuclear Blast
Jex Thoth, Rose Kemp, Witch Mountain, Skraeckoedlan, Somali Yacht Club, Heavy Temple, Elder
Release Date
November 18, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock

‘Myriad’ from Swedish band Gaupa is high-energy stoner rock with impassioned and psychedelic vocals. There are elements of doom metal, but the music never sounds melancholy. The band thrives in mid-tempo, but it never drags. They manage to keep up the intensity throughout the album, not through speed but with passion.

‘Myriad’ will never be mistaken for metal and yet it can be heavier than a lot of metal at times from the potency of the riffs and infectiousness of the grooves. The songs ‘RA’ and ‘Moloken’ will get heads moving involuntarily thanks to the dynamism of the guitars and drums. Meanwhile, Emma Näslund’s vocals create ethereal vibes and moving emotions. Her voice and delivery are imbued with power and soul. Listening to her one doesn’t know whether to let loose with dance or close their eyes and feel.  Perhaps it should be both.

‘Myriad’ is an album you can both rock out to and zone out to. It’s simultaneously psychedelic and hard rock. It grabs a hold of you and carries you on an adventure. It’s not just well-performed though. The arrangements are clever and the lyrics are inspired:

“Silent mistress

 come with sleep

 Take us below the

 six feet deep


 Violent mistress

 shake our bodies

 salt minded feet

 Rulers love call

 cuts through meat”

From the song ‘RA’

Gaupa makes me think if Portishead wanted to rock as heavy as possible. This is a band to watch.

"This is a band to watch"

Come on in!

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