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Fields of Regret’s First Time

Welcome to Metal Digest!

For the first time ever a music magazine is diving into your first times. Well, there’s a first for everything.

Today we are hosting: Fields of Regret

First thing you do in the morning.

Blaming my alarm for not beïng broke.

The first time you realized you wanted to be a musician.

When I was 16 we went to England with our class. There were a lot of nice Portuguese girls stationed in same hotel. A classmate played guitar in the evening and all the girls were at his feet.

That’s when I realised I was born to rock.

The first album you fell in love with.

Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper. Got it from my grandpa by the way.

Your first treasured piece of music equipment.

At school we had to learn to play the flute. After the last lesson I smashed it against the wall, that was the first time real music came out of it.

The first time you met a music idol.

I think I still have to meet the first one. I always avoid meeting my idols, I’m afraid they will be humans instead of heroes.

Your first YouTube video.

The first real video I made was Zu all the ant.

The first person you text when you are in trouble.

My son. He’s a lot smarter than his dad.

The first thing you do after wrapping a live show.

Go for a beer, a big one!

The first thing you’ll do after completing this interview.

Hoping you will send me an interview about the last things I will do.

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Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,

Chelf on behalf of Metal Digest.

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