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Zeke Sky – ‘Intergalactic Demon King’

Atomic Fire Records
Riverside, Frost*, IQ, Opeth, Voivod, Evergrey, Fates Warning
Release Date
November 11, 2022
Atomic Fire Records
Progressive Rock/Metal

                If humans just ceased to exist tomorrow, then it really would not take long for nature to begin to reclaim what we believe we had tamed. When it comes to themes like this, progressive rock and metal are not afraid to explore these allegories and with this in mind, it sees Zeke Sky return with their sophomore album ‘Intergalactic Demon King’.

                Ok, with this sophomore album, Zeke Sky take a step away from nature and one that launches their rocket into the cosmos because why not reach for the stars? One thing that Zeke Sky have never ever been afraid to shy away from is their virtuoso musicianship, but what else would you expect from prog rock/metal? Therefore, this is a band which deliver excellent guitar paths interspersed with melodic keyboard runs, complex drums and soaring vocals which aren’t afraid to take in the dynamics of using both clean and harsh vocals. What ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ shows here is a band in love with the likes of Riverside, Frost* and IQ as well as the transitionary period of Opeth between progressive death metal and progressive rock whilst even reaching into heavier moments from Evergrey, Fates Warning and Voivod. This means that ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ manages to cover wide bases within the prog metal/rock genre and even beyond because this is a concise album, there are not 28-minute wank fests here, this is 11 tracks clocking in at 45 minutes that is hugely engaging and manages completely hold the attention of the listener throughout.

                The juxtaposition here is that ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ may be too prog for the regular metal fan and too metal for the average prog fan, but somewhere in the spectrum blend is a niche which will fully enjoy and rightly so because ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ is superb.

"a perfect blend of progressive rock and metal which is superb"

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