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Mantric Momentum – ‘Trial by Fire’

Frontiers Records
Pyramaze, Kamelot, Iced Earth, Labÿrinth, Circus Maximus, The Ferrymen
Release Date
November 11, 2022
Frontiers Records
Heavy/Power Metal

                Frontiers Records are no stranger to group projects. This is a label which encourages musicians to stretch themselves, work with other people and create new rock and metal on a regular basis. One such band are Mantric Momentum, formed by Christer Harøy of Divided Multitude and his cousin Terje Harøy of Pyramaze, the Norwegian outfit have now released their debut album ‘Trial by Fire’.

                ‘Trial by Fire’ is actually quite an apt band name because with this album, Mantric Momentum grab the listener by the hand, stick it in the fire and hold the glowing iron rod with a debut album of modern power metal which places a whole lot of emphasis on melody and hooks. Delivered through a pristine production, the listener is cantered through 11 tracks where the likes of ‘Course of Fate’, ‘In the Heart of the Broken’ and the superb ‘Writing on the Wall’ having all the appeal of Kamelot, Iced Earth, Labÿrinth and of course Pyramaze at their most heavy. Furthermore, Mantric Momentum turn up the heat with superb perfectly placed guest slots from the likes of Tina Gunnarsson of Hexed and Circus Maximus sticksman Truls Haugen, whilst veteran guitarist Magnus Karlsson covers this release with some excellently scored orchestration allowing the listener to play this album over and over again.

                Those who like their power metal embedded in melody which touches on progressive metal and dare we say it, even thrash metal will find a great album here with ‘Trial by Fire’ and Mantric Momentum have delivered something very good that hopefully won’t be too long before the band follow this up.

"Mantric Momentum have delivered something very good"

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