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Hellsingland Underground – ‘Endless Optimism’

Sound Pollution Distribution/Wild Kingdom
Big Head Todd, Old 97s, Deadstring Brothers, Phish
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Sound Pollution Distribution/Wild Kingdom
Hard/Stoner/Blues Rock

In the latest offering from Sweden’s Hellsingland Underground, the 1,4,5 chords and the inalienable truth are on full display. ‘Endless Optimism’ brings this (and a bit more) good-time rock and stroll to the forefront. These lads encapsulate the “we’re just here to play, but we also might have something to say” mentality.

‘Endless’ mixes a particular chapter of ‘Exile on Main Street’ with a supercharged Deadstring Brothers. This is late night, missed notes, good times don’t care rock and roll. And quite frankly, who doesn’t need more of that these days?

Lyrics are clever and memorable, yet without pretension. With catchy hooks and choruses, each song has its own persona, each being earworm worthy. “Big Fish” is an irresistible singalong good time. Metaphorical or literal, it doesn’t matter; If this song doesn’t put a pep in your step, then you gotta hole in your soul. “Time Is Elastic” and “Uninvited Guest” elevate things a bit regarding maturity and song structure. These tunes (among other moments) show there are considerable brains behind the musical brawn.

‘Endless’ won’t win any awards for originality, but it will absolutely make you reach for your six-string, a few buds, and a couple of brews. For my money, it’s a slap dab, spinning Jenny good time that you deserve to hear.

"late night old fashioned rock n' roll"

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