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Drudkh – ‘All Belong to the Night’

Season of Mist Underground Activists
Walknut, Hate Forest, Ygg, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Astrofaes, Wędrujący Wiatr
Release Date
November 11, 2022
Season of Mist Underground Activists
Black Metal

                Realistically, isn’t every day just a long day’s journey into the night? Ok, that wasn’t meant to sound as depressive and nihilistic as it did, but there is an element of truth to that. A day is just one long march to the witching hour where under moonlight, black metal bands appear and dance around leaving circles of mushrooms. One band who do this exceptionally well are Drudkh who once again appear to deliver their latest album ‘All Belong to the Night’.

                Drudkh are a band which do their sound very well. The Ukrainian band have never been a band to shy away from doing black metal the way they want to and therefore what the listener gets here with ‘All Belong…’ is another album of black metal delivered on Drudkh’s terms. Once again Drudkh turns to the Ukrainian past to hit their point home. From medieval tales of folklore through to the Red Famine of the Ukrainian Genocide at the hands of Josef Stalin, Drudkh explore the works of Ukrainian poet Yakiv Savchenko. As with all Drudkh’s work, this is delivered in the bands native tongue of Ukrainian where the listener really doesn’t need to understand Ukrainian to feel the raw power and emotion which drips from every word which swings from melancholic heartache to utter visceral rage in the blink of an eye.

                Over the course of their career, Drudkh have done black metal well and it is no surprise that with ‘All Belong…’ the band continue to plough forward and deliver an excellent album of black metal which is passionate, uncompromising and truly an unstoppable force – there is a fire lit here and it is growing into a raging inferno. Long may it burn!

"an excellent album of black metal"

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