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Black Rain’s TOP 5

French Sleaze Rock formation BlackRain have established themselves as a hard-working touring band with a powerful sound, an awesome mix of catchy melodies and dynamic aggression that permeates this new album.

This is their TOP 5

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own.


A bottle of Whiskey

A click/metronome

That amp that goes up to 11

A good pair of headphones

TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

To listen to people that tell you to change your look/music

To underestimate the importance of the look in your band

To follow the trends just because you think it will work better

To be a dick to your fans, you’re not better than them.

To let social media on the side. For now, you actually do have to be a clown on tik Tok…

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

Turnstile : Mystery

Bring me the horizon : wonderful life

Dinosaur pile up : back foot

White lies : Death

Hellyeah : Scratch a lie

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

To go play in UK and to realize at the border that you took no I.D… back home and fly instead, cost much more money than what it should.

To be on tour in Italy and to jump on the roof of the van we rent after getting shit faced : cost a lot more than initially planed…

First time in Japan,  our bags don’t land with us, we did the first 4 gigs in what nearly looked like pyjamas with any guitars we could find each day in each venues… not fun

Goin´live on TV at the « Talent show » thinking they ´re goin to kick you out right away, we made it to the final eventually, best promotion we ever had.

We actually turned down an offer to open for Scorpions because we already had a gig planed that day, what we thought would be a packed gig turned out to be an empty venue at a comic con, basically, we could have played in front of 10000 people that night but made the choice to play in front of 10… losers!!

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome.

Long time friendship

We just play what we like even tho it’s not popular

We just released a great album

Got some kick ass designs with skulls

Enjoy drinkin’ beers with fans

Swan Hellion – vocals, guitar
Max 2 – lead guitar
Matthieu de la Roche – bass
Frank F – drums

Come on in!

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