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Aeveris – ‘White Elephant’

Independent Release
Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, At The Gates, Trivium
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Independent Release
Metalcore/Groove/Melodic Death Metal

Aeveris formed in 2021 and are made up from members of Fields of Troy, Thorium, Lethal Injury, Always Fallen and Horizons and this year has the Belgian supergroup delivering their debut album ‘White Elephant’.

Bringing a sound which has all the power of Lamb of God, Trivium and Killswitch Engage, ‘White Elephant’ manages to make everything sound new, fresh, and exciting as Aeveris grab the fear by the horns and embrace it. Through ten songs, ‘White Elephant’ already contains two successful singles in the guise of ‘Shapeless’ and ‘Segregating the Wicked’ and begins with minor key, eerily grabbing the listeners attention immediately before barraging them with divergent vocal techniques which hugely enhance the lyrical deliveries making them impactful and hard hitting. ‘White Elephant’ is relentless, an assault of drums creates a frantic urgent energy whilst melodic and euphonious guitars create moments of respite where the listener can catch their breath before the onslaught begins again and before the listener knows it, those ten songs have battered them into submission on the floor with a hefty course of concussion.

‘White Elephant’ is an album where the songs are both appealing and outstanding and are guaranteed to sound impressive within the live with ‘Four’ arguably being a standout example of the work Aeveris deliver. This is the sound of a band on the rise and Aeveris are definitely a band to watch and if you are a fan of modern metalcore with melodic death moments, then ‘White Elephant’ needs to be in your collection!

"any fan of modern metalcore with melodic death moments should grab this now!"

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