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Powerwolf – ‘Lupus Dei’ (15th Anniversary Edition)

Metal Blade Records
Sabaton, Dream Evil, Bloodbound, HammerFall, Brothers of Metal, Ravenous
Release Date
November 11, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Power Metal

                Back in 2007, who could have predicted that Powerwolf would in 2022 be one of power metal’s biggest bands as the lupine vampires seem to have a Midas Touch, everywhere their paw lands turn to gold. This year has Metal Blade Records and Powerwolf reissuing their 2007 sophomore album ‘Lupus Dei’ as a digital, CD and vinyl release.

                What the listener gets here with this reissue of ‘Lupus Dei’ is some brand-new artwork which has given ‘Lupus Dei’ a touch of the modern Powerwolf. Those who choose to purchase ‘Lupus Dei’ on CD will get a double disc the first of which will be that original album in all its 11-track glory whilst the second disc will contain six previously unreleased demos from the ‘Lupus Dei’ sessions. Furthermore, this CD edition will also come with a 24-page booklet full of awesome photos and cool liner notes. Those who like vinyl as their medium of choice will be able to get two different versions; the first will come within a gatefold sleeve with a cool poster to whack up on your wall, the second will be a limited edition vinyl that will come as either a silver vinyl with a black splatter or a black vinyl with gold inlaid and much like the previous vinyl edition will also come in a gatefold sleeve with a cool poster.

                Those who haven’t managed to pick up ‘Lupus Dei’ before or those who would love to get their hands on simply more Powerwolf then this reissue is a great choice because ultimately, when it boils down to it, ‘Lupus Dei’ is a great reissue of arguably the best Powerwolf album within their discography.

"a great way to say happy 15th birthday to a great album"

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