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Leather: Optimism is not dead

As a stellar musician, exceptional metal vocalist, and above all, unconditionally positive person, Leather is here, with her new solo effort, to state: Never give up and stay the way you are!

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Let’s talk about your roots and background. How did your surroundings shape you as an artist?

I was raised Italian Catholic in upstate NY. I was always in the church choir. I was the show off that would get up and sing whatever I could for anyone who would listen.

There was alwys music playing in my home, My brother had the Beatles, Mom had Tom Jones,, my dad had Elvis and As I grew up I became interested in the big arena bands at that time…Boston, Elton John, Foghat, Fleetwood Mac to name a few.

‘We Are The Chosen’ will be released in a couple of weeks! How will we see the world differently after listening to that album?

Full of excitement.  I am so anxious to have all of you hear it. I see the world opening up all kinds of opportunity for me to share my new music with all of  you.

I am very proud of this work. 

You undeniably count among the most charismatic metal vocalists of the past four decades. How do you keep yourself grounded?

Thank you for those  words.. I don’t think about being anything other than doing my best when I create.  It’s hard work, not alot of glamour , so being grounded is not diificult.

I have to continually fight and march forward to stay in the game…It’s not for the meek.  I am blessed.

You have an amazing energy which has allowed you to break free from the oppressive situation of the past two years. Any advice to struggling young musicians who need a boost of confidence?

Keep writing, keep creating, and stay open.  Be grateful for your capacity to be a musician, not everyone can. Surround yourself with people who have the same goal, and same passion.

Keep going, don’t stop. 

‘Hallowed Ground’ is dedicated to your (and mine) great idol Ronnie James Dio. What are the qualities that you admire about him?

He truth, his melody, his vocal tones.  He was the real deal.  He uplifted everyone around him. He was sincere, he was from another planet. Magic was his middle name.

He knew what he wanted, and he worked to get it.  He was a boss. From the time I heard him, and then met him I was hypnotized 

You have clearly invested vitality and passion in every last detail of these metal anthems. Were there times that it was too hard and you felt like quitting? What keeps you going and how do you stay optimistic in a pessimistic world?

Magic comes and Magic goes, every day we wake up is another day of possibilities.

I stay open …

Thank you, Chelf


We Are The Chosen

Steamhammer / SPVRelease: 25 November 2022

Come on in!

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