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Flying Disk – ‘In the Heart of the City’ EP

Forbidden Place
Silverchair, Jimmy Eat World, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog, Screaming Trees
Release Date
Forbidden Place
Alternative Rock

There is an art to making alternative rock, it isn’t just DIY punk, jangly guitars or quiet verse, loud chorus tropes whilst vocals whine on and on about self-loathing. To be successful, there needs to be nuances to this and one band who have found their niche within the alt rock scene are Flying Disk with the Italian band returning with their latest EP ‘In the Heart of the City’.

                As an EP, ‘In the Heart…’ does waste time messing about, it gets straight in there with its driving punk rock guitars steeped with enough distortion to make it accessible without being overbearing and heavy. Furthermore, this is backed up by a solid backbone of bass and drums designed to add flair and a beating heart to this EP. Clocking in at under 15 minutes, ‘In the Heart…’ never outstays its welcome, it has a real replayability to it where tracks jump from the Jimmy Eat World infused ‘Wasted’ through to ‘Frogstomp’ era Silverchair with ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Connections’ whilst broadly having an appeal of Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog and Screaming Trees.

                ‘In the Heart…’ sticks to its guns, it does exactly what it is needed to do and delivers some really catch tunes in the process. If this EP is to provide a springboard into a new studio album, then it is certainly something to look forward to.

"some really catchy tunes of alt rock"

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