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Black Mirrors – ‘Tomorrow Will Be Without Us’

Napalm Records
Freedom Hawk, Planet of Zeus, Wucan, Ruby the Hatchet, Scorpion Child
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Napalm Records
Alternative/Stoner Rock/Grunge

Do you want to get down and dirty? Feeling the need to drink questionable beer in a hot and sweaty packed out dive bar while dancing and shouting along so hard you know you’re going to pay for it tomorrow? Pull on your old converse, and put a plaid shirt over your vintage Mudhoney Tee, because Black Mirrors’ second full length album “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” brings that sensation and emotion right into your ears wherever you are.

Quite possibly one of the best things to come out of Belgium since Stella Artois, Black Mirrors strike an intriguing blend of Blues-tinged barroom Rock and Roll and searing Alternative Rock intensity. As soon as you press play, opening track “Snake Oil” positively erupts out of the speakers with a tectonic grungy riff that builds and builds through to a colossal breakdown ending. Now THAT is how to start a record! Front woman Marcella Di Troia has an impeccable sense of when to turn on all the taps with huge and impassioned vocal delivery, and when to play it soft and subtle. Her role on this release is pivotal to its appeal, the wholly intentional 90’s nostalgia that underpins the songs just about manages to wear a little thin before you reach the end.

But before you consider dismissing this album, it must be said there’s a whole lot going for it; the musicianship is outstanding, the production (courtesy of Alain Johannes) adds a layer of 90’s polish and gleam to everything without dominating, and despite a slight feeling that you’ve heard most of this somewhere before, the song writing is strong. There are some definite highlights such as “Tears to Share” with its huge emotional climax and wild dynamics, and “Anthropocene” rocking more than a smattering of The B-52’s joie de vivre. There are a couple of slightly flat moments where things start to feel a little laboured, but overall though there’s enough righteous good stuff to outweigh them and earn this a recommendation for your listening pleasure.

"excellent emotive performance, slightly over-familiar material"

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