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Powerful Systm – ‘Endless Transformation’ EP (Reissue)

Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Devin Townsend
Release Date
Progressive Rock/Metal

                Leicester, famous for cheese, Richard III underneath a car park and glorified crisp salesman Gary Lineker who did a Richard III in his shorts. This year has virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Powerful Systm’s debut EP ‘Endless Transformation’ being reissued by WormHoleDeath.

                What this reissue of ‘Endless Transformation’ offers is a release which has been remastered with its sound boosted for a better sonic appeal. Although, this may only be really noticeable to audiophiles, what ‘Endless Transformation’ demonstrates is an EP of beautiful soundscaping where the vocals and instruments flow like an endless river, ebbing and flowing, letting the music guide the listener through Powerful Systm’s world. This EP may only be four tracks long, but tracks such as ‘Awake!’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Song’ have all the appeal of progressive rock mixed with a real epic nature that means fans of Pink Floyd, Devin Townsend and even Nightwish will adore what Powerful Systm are doing here whilst ‘Narasimhadeva’ quite arguably explores places of northern India, Nepal and Tibet that the not even the Ganges has touched, let alone people.

                For those who like to have their music entrenched with a sense of magic and epic, then ‘Endless Transformation’ is a really good EP to get your hands on because there really is so much to explore.

"a really good EP of epic prog rock/metal"

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