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Nedogled – ‘Eye of the Wild’ EP

Independent Release
Master Boot Record, Dan Terminus, Hollywood Burns, Mega Drive, GosT
Release Date
Independent Release
Dark/Synthwave/Doom Metal

Nedogled have returned with their new EP, ‘Eye of the Wild’, so sit back, relax, and get ready to journey to another world!

Nedogled’s new EP is a sonic journey through a world in which humanity has lost its seat of power and nature has reclaimed the earth. Starting with the opening track, ‘Woodworm Guru’, which starts with a synth riff that builds up to a heavier distorted riff that really drives the track forward and gives the feeling of travelling through a gorgeous forest landscape in a journey of discovery and awe. The following track, ‘Swamp Sentience’, starts with an eerie synth that slowly builds with the aid of higher-toned synth tracks that give the impression you are actually drudging through a swamp and hearing the various creatures and critters that inhabit it all around. This track then builds to a fearsome sounding crescendo with distorted effects that can only be described as the swamp itself communicating with the human descendants on their journey of discovery. ‘The Underflow’ starts with the faint sound of waves, a synth progression, and light drums and slowly builds up with the aid of a keyboard riff that takes control of the track as it is transformed into an upbeat and happy part of the journey. The EP is rounded off with the relatively short track, ‘Foreverdream’, and as the title would suggest, it is a synth representation of an epic dream over the faint rumbles of thunder over a downpour of rain.

All in all, this is a masterpiece of musical storytelling, and I thoroughly look forward to more from this band.

"an EP of masterful musical storytelling"

Come on in!

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