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Drallion – ‘New Machine’

Independent Release
Mastodon, Wilderun, Gojira, Between the Buried and Me
Release Date
Independent Release
Progressive Metal

From start to finish, Drallion’s debut album is a joy. Wonderfully complex and multi-layered, ‘New Machine’ smacks the senses and stimulates the mind. James Watts’ beastly growls and immaculate cleans mesh perfectly with the band’s pummeling walls and soaring leads. They may not be the new sheriff in town (yet), but they are nipping at the heels of the establishment. The album incorporates many familiar elements yet manages to stand apart. The lads seem to be honing their sound, and whichever direction they choose (if not all), they are destined to make a huge impact.

Sonically, ‘Machine’ alternates between challenging, dense, and elegant. Plenty of textures and nuances to intrigue and inspire. Watts leans more heavily on the harsh side, which is a pity because his clean voice is quite good. Perhaps he will follow the path of Mikael Åkerfeldt and show off his gift a bit more.

“Killing Sun” and “Song For A Fall” are encyclopedic Prog artworks, the latter being a little reminiscent of a band I will simply call “DT.” Clocking in at a mere eight minutes (short by Prog standards), it encapsulates the whole album nicely. Finally, “Remission” concludes the album triumphantly. The song delivers true feelings of elation; I honestly didn’t want it to end.

‘New Machine’ is an exceptional album, especially from a fledgling band. I foresee great things on the horizon.

"a good album from a fledgling band"

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