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Al-Namrood | The Symbolic Importance of an Anti-Religion Band from Saudi Arabia

Al-Namrood translates to “the non-believer” and comes from an ancient historical autocratic character who ruled the world maliciously. Just like they are ruling the black metal scene. We grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with the band.

Leave your sanctity and enter Al-Namrood

Welcome to Metal Digest. The Normless Music Magazine.

Exciting times, ‘Enkar’ was just re-released by Shaytan Productions! What in your eyes, or should I say ears made this album stand out?

Enkar which translates to “Denial” articulates the phenomena of human denial in the area of religion and nationalism. As we were always sickened by this phenomena, we wanted to inspect what leads to such a devastating state of mind. So first conceptually it bears important study for us, musically we thought it will sound accomplishing the concept if we match speedy, punky, punchy riffs and some D beats drumming. Along with the self-explanatory artwork, this embodies the chaotic scene from our surroundings.

Does the whole album fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

I could easily say it revolves around black and punk genres, although we bear the idea of anarchy, we didn’t express this context before, so enkar came to bring out this concept and allowed us to explore more elements in music which we successfully matched all together, the addition of punk attitude with black with of course Arabian spices was perfect fit. All in all it was a satisfying experience.

You are not an unknown band anymore and your music as well as your anti-religion, anti-society message escaped the borders of your country and was spread around the world. What sacrifices did you have to make to achieve that?

Being isolated was a choice made, being anonymous and not able to extend trust, if we do not fit, why even try to. Compromising self-safety is the biggest challenge, knowing that at any time we might be embattled for just speaking your thoughts. Yes, it is easy to obey and follow for peace of mind. For doing otherwise, we know the consequences are unforgiving and there is no potential for our safety.

The moto of Metal Digest Magazine is #benormless. And I think you guys can relate to that. Your existence is pretty normless. How do you handle everyday situations when you have to interact with stereotypically normal people in a stereotypically normal world?

We do what we want to do, however, we bypass this environment which do not relate to us, so we in our self-made shields we do not relate, we do not belong to the so called norm, so in actuality we do not exist, we are in bypassing mobility where we do not interact to this heap, rather, focusing on the road we are taking.

The ‘A’ in Al-Namrood was transformed into a symbol of anarchy. How do you define anarchy?

Free from the system, free from the norm, free from any ideology, ethnicity or authority regimes, no collars on our necks, no cuffs in our minds.

If you could go back to anytime in history and change just one fact, where would you go?

We actually look forward to a recovering future. We think instead of fixing a foul from the past, we can learn from history to create better flow. Progress further is what we can do.

What would be the title of your memoir?

Leave your sanctity and enter Al-Namrood, there are no collars, no cuffs, and no suffocation here.

Looking at the cover art of Enkar I wondered if the message that you want to convey through that image is immediately accessible, or does it require reflection? How do you want people to feel looking at it?

We think it is self-explanatory, from the big picture to the micro details, you can see a scene of execution from the big picture, and executors are taking pleasure in it. From the micro, you will see several messages of resistance and not giving up. One can die, but the mutiny never dies.

What are you focusing on right now?

Making more music, there are so many ideas floating and more creativity to convert these ideas are intended.

Until we meet again,


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