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Celtic Legacy – ‘Redux’

Eternal Legacy Records
Darkest Era, Steel Tormentor, Old Season, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Lunar Shadow
Release Date
Eternal Legacy Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Tell me the legends of long ago, when the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the black rose! There was that point with Thin Lizzy where the likes of ‘Black Rose’ and ‘Emerald’ found itself steeped in Irish and Gaelic history and folklore. One band who are continuing this are Celtic Legacy who are back with for the first time since 2014 with their latest album ‘Redux’.

                It has been just under a quarter of a century since Celtic Legacy released their self-titled debut album and therefore ‘Redux’ is the sound of Celtic Legacy going back to their roots and re-recording that debut album as a celebration. This isn’t just a blind copy, with ‘Redux’, the listener gets a wonderfully crafted release which shows just how much this band have grown as musicians as they add little elements of flair which wasn’t there on that original release. Furthermore, ‘Redux’ includes the tracks ‘Long Ride Home’ and ‘Talk to Me’, both of which were initially intended to appear on that original recording whilst ‘Rainman’ is excluded entirely.

                With nearly 25 years hindsight, ‘Redux’ is ‘Celtic Legacy’ the way the band originally wanted it to be heard. It might not have that raw hungry energy that the original had, but this is professionally delivered by veteran musicians and any fan of Celtic Legacy would thoroughly enjoy it. So, if you want a little ‘more’ Irish in you, this is a good shout.

"got some Irish in you? want a little more Irish in you? 'Redux' is a nice way to do it"

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