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Swansong – ‘Winter Maiden’ EP (Reissue)

Noble Demon
Through the Oculus, Kuolemanlaakso, Verikalpa, Voidfallen
Release Date
Noble Demon
Melodic Death Metal

                There are those bands which choose to live an independent life, in control of their own destiny and yet the dream is always to sign to a label. One band which have recently taken this on board are Swansong and this year has the Finnish band signing to Noble Demon and reissuing their debut EP ‘Winter Maiden’.

                Finland is country which has never shied away from incorporating different styles and genres into their sound and ‘Winter Maiden’ has this in buckets. There are old school elements of melodic death delivered in that Nordic style whilst sticking very much within that remit of the modern era instead of just regurgitating those mid-90’s masterpieces. However, with ‘Winter Maiden’, there isn’t just melo death galore, there’s elements of heavy metal and even folk/metal as Swansong begin to push beyond their boundaries with the Finns bringing in elements of Kuolemanlaakso, Verikalpa and Voidfallen.

                For a debut EP, ‘Winter Maiden’ smacks the nail on the head, it is a great way to start your career and this reissue from Noble Demon is a great way to get into Swansong. If this EP is anything to go by, it’ll be something to look forward to.

"if this EP is anything to go by then a debut album is something to anticipate"

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