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Omnifariam: Watch Puerto Rican blackened death act’s (ft. Josean Orta – Fit for an Autopsy) video “The Outsiders” off the upcoming EP ‘The Summoning’

Omnifariam is streaming the music video for “The Outsider,” the second single from the upcoming EP, The Summoning. This EP, scheduled for 18 Nov 2022 on CD and digital, is the first offering by the Puerto Rican blackened death metal horde to introduce their new drummer Josean Orta (also from Fit for an Autopsy).

Omnigariam informs:
“‘The Outsiders’ tells the story of a blossoming society that gets trampled by a foreign legion for the sake of holding them down. This single shows a change of pace for us, and we’re excited to have it out there for you to enjoy.”

Watch Music Video for “The Outsiders”:

“The Outsiders” is available on all digital/streaming media as a single. FIND the track on your preferred platform and FOLLOW the band on social mediaAT THIS LOCATION

WATCH the lyric video for the first single, “Deceivers of the Bleak,”HERE.

PRE-ORDER CD/Digital/Merch of The Summoning RIGHT HERE.

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