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Stranger Vision – ‘Wasteland’

Pride & Joy Music
Symphony X, Evergrey, Michael Romeo, Royal Hunt, Redemption, Tad Morose
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Pride & Joy Music
Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

                Melodic heavy metal and power metal are not strange bedfellows and in the grand scheme of things, sometimes these borders blur to almost indistinguishable between the pair. Rising from Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy are Stranger Vision who on the back of their 2021 debut ‘Poetica’ are back with their sophomore album ‘Wasteland’.

                Beginning with nothing more than the tinkling of a harpsicord, ‘Wasteland’ builds to a juggernaut of melodic heavy metal which carries a large power metal undercurrent which, like a riptide on the coast, tears the album forward in a frothing wave of accessible metal. ‘Wasteland’ is superbly produced, it is crisp and clean and whilst the guitars could be a little louder allowing the listener to hear all those wonderful melodic breaks, just you know, just turn it up louder! Much of this production is focused on the enjoyable vocals of Ivan Adami who’s soaring voice and middling rasp allows tracks such as ‘The Road’, ‘The Thunder’ and ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ have all the enjoyability and appeal of Symphony X, Evergrey and Fallen Sanctuary. Furthermore, ‘Wasteland’ is boosted by some fantastic guest appearances from the indomitable Hansi Kürsch and Tom Englund who both stamp down their heavy metal seal of approval on this album.

                As an album, ‘Wasteland’ is a good release, it shows Stranger Vision not only growing from their debut album but growing in confidence as musicians and any fan of melodic heavy metal would find something to really enjoy here.

"any fan of melodic heavy metal would find something to really enjoy here"

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