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Ingested – ‘Ashes Lie Still’

Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore
Vulvodynia, Acrania, Acranius, Whoretopsy, Despised Icon, Age of Suffering, Mental Cruelty
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore

                There was one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and that was it allowed a lot of bands in lieu of touring to flex their creative muscles. One such band who have been in a creative purple patch recently are Ingested and this year has the Manchester band returning with their latest album ‘Ashes Lie Still’.

                It may have been just over a year since Ingested last graced our speakers, but if you think that there may have been a lack of drive or creativity, then the listener will be sorely mistaken. This is slamming brutal death metal doing what this genre does best with a sound encapsulating more than enough deathcore sounds to make this band have a real large demographic appeal within the genre. Yes, ok, this is full of the brutal death/slam ideas that any fan of the genre will be used to, lots of polyrhythms, blast beats and chugging sledgehammer guitars playing at half-time before turning up the tempo, peeling the skin from the listener, but that’s what we like from this genre, why change a formula that works? This means that tracks such as ‘Tides of Glass’, ‘You’ll Never Learn’ and ‘All I’ve Lost’ have all the appeal of Vulvodynia, Whoretopsy and Acrania whilst also featuring some great guest appearances from the likes of Matt Heafy, Sven De Caluwe and Julia Frau adding an extra sprinkle of power.

                For those who like their music brutal and want to get their bloodied teeth into a new release that won’t get the endless jerking off that the likes of Lorna Shore will get, then ‘Ashes Lie Still’ is a real example of a band delivering a top album the way they want to without bowing to pressure as Ingested continue their purple patch.

"Ingested continue their purple patch"

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