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Brant Bjork- ‘Bougainvillea Suite’

Heavy Psyche Sounds
Fu Manchu, Nebula, John Garcia, Hermano, Truckfighters, Fatso Jetson
Release Date
Heavy Psyche Sounds
Stoner/Desert Rock

You’ve surely heard the old adage; ‘what do you get the man who has everything?’. Perhaps though, it should be rephrased as ‘what do you create as the man who’s done everything?’, as that’s exactly what Brant Bjork must ask himself occasionally.

So what do you make? Well, The best response to that is ‘something like this album’, as this is a perfect expression of a sense of completeness. It’s a trip down Brant Bjork highway, pausing at the memorable bits from his 35-year career. There isn’t the fast, metal-fused edge of Kyuss present, but everything else is hinted at here, from his many forays into re-doing classic bar-room blues, to fuzz-soaked stoner rock, wrapped up in an overall mix and style that indicates there may have been a few late-night explorations into the excellent discography of Australia’s excellent White Denim.

Some segments even seem reminiscent of The Doors, with screaming organ hidden under the mix playing complex patterns, whilst other segments are obviously heavily inspired by the direction of Brant’s current full-band project Stöner. The record ends up feeling cohesive, entertaining, and simply quality late-night chilled stoner rock of the highest calibre.

"Excellent and fun, as can be expected from Brant Bjork"

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