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Therion – ‘Leviathan II’

Nuclear Blast
Xandria, Sirenia, Tristiania, Haggard
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Symphonic/Operatic Metal

Full disclosure. I’ve been a fan of Therion well before their vocalist Lori Lewis fronted Aesma Daeva. Yep, that long. As such, I am hoping this album is not your introduction to this remarkable band. ‘Leviathan II‘ isn’t a bad album by any stretch, but I know they are capable of much more.

To be sure, there are many wondrous moments here. Not the least of which are the astounding vocal performances. Male, female, and choral souls interact dynamically. Often with graceful synergy, then with delicate tension, the assembly of voices is the album’s absolute jewel. Musically, it is beautifully fierce but inconsistent at times. The impact waxes and wanes, almost becoming a mere backdrop instead of a key player. Prime examples of vocal heroics include “Alchemy of the Soul,” “Hades and Elysium,” and “Pazuzu.” However, they are pretty much found at every turn.  

Reportedly, Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson sought to deliver an amalgam of previous works. Fan favorites, if you will. Alas, a representation cannot equal the original, and ‘Leviathan II’ falls a bit short. Again, if this is your introduction to the band, this album will suffice. But when you venture back about 25 years, be prepared to have your sock and shoes knocked off.

"part two of Therion's ambitious 'Leviathan' trilogy lands"

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