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Soraia – ‘Bloom’

Wicked Cool
Prima Donna, Wyldlife, Cocktail Slippers, Kurt Baker, Palmyra Delran And The Doppel Gang
Release Date
Wicked Cool
Hard/Alternative Rock/Post Grunge

Philadelphia’s Soraia, fronted by the Rock and Roll vocal pyrotechnics of Zouzou Mansoor, proudly bring us “Bloom”, their third/fourth/fifth* full album release which (alongside a number of excellent EPs and standalone singles) gives them a strong recent catalogue to fill a night of Hard Rocking goodness at any concert hall. The band’s reputation as high-energy live performers and their top-drawer song writing skills meld in perfect unison on this stunning new album.

”Soraia is an extraordinary, exciting, and ‘sure to make waves’ band who I love and admire” – Joan Jett

Launching this new album is the Indie-Rock tinged “Jokers, Thieves and Liars”, and almost immediately were away with hard rocking riffs, killer bass lines, Zouzou’s impassioned delivery and the taut rhythmic drive from the excellent Brianna Sig. The aforementioned bass lines are courtesy of principal co-writer Travis Smith, and he gets singled out here on both counts; the bass playing is superb, and the songs? Well, they speak for themselves.

The songs have a quite delicious and unashamed “Turn of the Eighties” Heart/Rush vibe, the clean and precise production from Geoff Sanoff (Bruce Springsteen, Fountains of Wayne) allowing space for the inspired guitar work with its entertaining and powerful solo work as a compliment to the chunky riffage. There are moments here that will have the most miserable of your Emo friends’ toe-tapping along to the infectious groove.

Elsewhere on the album there are just a couple of more measured “almost ballads” with “Jackson’s Song” and closer “Mephistopheles” bringing the piece to a very appropriate finale.

*Soraia self-released a couple of long EPs/short albums before settling on a fixed line-up and label. Worth checking out though, there are some gems there for the Rock connoisseur

"hard rock with a with a wonderful vocal performance"

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