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Frank Bello – ‘Then I’m Gone’ EP

Rare Bird
Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair, Bush, Third Eye Blind, Nickelback
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Rare Bird
Hard/Alternative Rock/Post Grunge

                Although the focus of Anthrax has always been very much on Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and either Joey Belladonna/John Bush, the very rock at the back of it all has always been the bass of Frank Bello. This year has Bello stepping into the limelight on his by releasing his debut EP ‘Then I’m Gone’.

                If the listener is sat there thinking, Anthrax bassist? This’ll sound like Anthrax, then they’ll be in for a shock because ‘Then I’m Gone’ is a far cry from Anthrax. This is actually a good thing, this isn’t Anthrax lite, this is Bello stretching his musical wings, he’s giving it that punk feel with some quickfire quips and personal moments. In all honesty, this EP has more akin to alternative rock and post-grunge; this is verse/chorus/verse which has made the likes of Foo Fighters so popular. Yes, this means that the EP is quite predictable, but is this a bad thing? ‘Then I’m Gone’ is enjoyable throughout with quite possibly the closing track ‘See Me Now’ being the most poignant moment where Bello bears his soul on record regarding his late brother to create a real heartfelt, beautiful track.

                As an EP, ‘Then I’m Gone’ probably will not appeal to those expecting something thrashier, but this is a decent little EP that shows Bello doing something different, aiming at an alternative demographic and arguably succeeding. But ultimately, this will polarise fans.

"the Anthrax legend stretches his musical wings"

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