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Dragonhammer – ‘Second Life’

My Kingdom Music
Rhapsody, Wisdom, Derdian, Dark Moor, Ancient Bards, Holy Knights, Magic Kingdom
Release Date
November 4, 2022
My Kingdom Music
Power Metal

                In the recent years, Italy has become a real hotbed of heavy metal, churning out genres as far and wide as post-metal, doom, progressive metal and melodic rock. But one genre which has always soared in Italy is power metal and this year has Dragonhammer returning for the first time in five years with their latest album ‘Second Life’.

                Set to fantastic backdrop of orchestral magic, this latest ‘Second Life’ album is atypical to what we have become accustomed to with Dragonhammer. Therefore, what the listener gets here is a gargantuan album of power metal to its core and that symphonic power is what really makes ‘Second Life’ come to life, taking the reins from the previous ‘Obscurity’ this album pours forward like an army flowing through a battered gate. This means that tracks such as ‘Kingdom of Ghosts’, ‘Into the Warrior’s Mind’ and ‘Second Life’ not only have all the hallmarks of fellow Italians Rhapsody, but also Blind Guardian and Twilight Force with their rapid-fire guitars, rhythmically thumping drums driving forward like caterpillar treads on a tank and a superb vocal performance from Mattia Fagiolo making this release really something special.

                If you’re looking for a top power metal album this year, then ‘Second Life’ is a very good shout, this is classic European power metal done to a professionally high standard and any fan of the genre should invest in a copy.

"a top power metal album"

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