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Fear Factory – ‘Recoded’

Nuclear Blast
Static-X, Strapping Young Lad, DevilDriver, Sybreed, Mnemic, Pitchshifter
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Industrial Metal

Industrial Metal titans Fear Factory (FF) have weathered trends and ignored the advice of many, thus securing their position in Metal history. Despite an ever-changing roster and inner circle turmoil, their sound has remained remarkably consistent…except for the remixes. The sound of last year’s ‘Aggression Continuum’ is well represented. In other words, the casual fan might be content to listen to the initial offering. However, for those wanting just a bit more (and you know you do), ‘Recoded’ may be the ticket.

It’s all here. Burton Bell’s drill sergeant bellows and trademark cleans, impossibly crushing guitars, and rapid-fire drums. Couple that with a dystopian narrative and brutally mechanized precision, and you’ve got a sure-fire fan-pleaser. ‘Recoded’ isn’t just a remix album (yawn) but a grand expansion of the original. Enlisting a host of collaborators, including Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) and keyboardist and DJ, Zardonic, FF explores different avenues that might not have flown in the album’s inaugural form. Songs vary, having moments of trance, heavy groove, and Electronica. In my opinion, things venture into the electronic realm a bit often. Still, despite the explorations, ‘Recoded’ generally stays true to its roots.   

 This will be a welcome addition for fans of the band or the genre. However, to others, while it is enjoyable and thought-provoking, ‘Recode’ will probably be put aside after a couple of spins.

"a thought provoking album that may leave Fear Factory fans polarised"

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