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Voivod – ‘Ultraman’

Century Media Records
Watchtower, Coroner, Anacrusis, Droid, Mekong Delta, Doom, DBC
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Century Media Records
Progressive/Thrash Metal

                The 1960’s was arguably the most fruitful time and a golden age for science-fiction and comic books, fuelled by the space race and an imminent fear of Communist invasion, it provided the perfect breeding ground for superheroes and super villains. A band which has never shied away from incorporating sci-fi into their work are Voivod and this year has the French-Canadian prog thrash legends returning with their latest EP ‘Ultraman’.

                Yes, ‘Ultraman’ is a homage to that niche 60’s Japanese comic book icon of the same name. Voivod don’t care how niche this is as the band deliver the ‘Ultraman’ theme sung in both Japanese and French as well as the ‘Ultraman’ victory and closing themes from the TV show. Those familiar with ‘Ultraman’ will get a sense of nostalgia whilst those who have no idea will scratch their head but find something listenable. Clocking in at just over 14 minutes, the rest of this EP is composed of aggressively raw live versions of ‘Overreaction’ and ‘Voivod’ complete with a chanted tribute to fallen legend Piggy D’Amour.

                However, do you really need this EP? It’s enjoyable whilst being played, but not much really makes the listener go back and really play it again. Realistically, this is a stop gap for Voivod, it shows the band having some fun in the studio whilst they gear up for a new studio album. Therefore, unless you are a hardcore zealot of the Voivod cause, then you might as well just save a bit of cash and wait for a new Voivod album. 

"a Voivod EP with a niche quality"

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