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Knight & Gallow – ‘For Honor and Bloodshed’

No Remorse Records
Twisted Tower Dire, Manilla Road, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Manowar, Eternal Champion
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No Remorse Records
Heavy Metal

                Is trad metal one of heavy metal’s currently best kept secrets? It’s the genre that sits in the corner solidly releasing album after album whilst the doting heavy metal parents endlessly rain plaudits down on the likes of Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Metallica. One band to enter the trad metal arena are Knight & Gallow who have delivered their debut studio album ‘For Honor and Bloodshed’.

                 As an album, ‘For Honor…’ is a real call to arms and Knight & Gallow ready the banners. This isn’t an album which fucks around, wastes time etc, it gets straight into it with a cavalry charge which begins a canter and before too long is into a headlong assault with an instrumentation which stands tall and strong throughout. Riff after riff, this album trades off with high-fantasy themed lyrics where tracks such as ‘God’s Will’, ‘Black Swordsman’ and ‘Men of the West’ have all the rabble-rousing nature of not only Blind Guardian, but also more fist throwing trad metal like Eternal Champion, Visigoth and Twisted Tower Dire to those classics of the scene like Manilla Road, Heavy Load and Manowar.

                For a debut album, ‘For Honor…’ is an excellent release. It shows that Knight & Gallow have a real future ahead of them in the trad metal scene and if you love real old-school sounding heavy metal then this is a real gem to seek out.

"an excellent trad release"

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