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Botch – ‘We Are The Romans’ (Reissue)

Sargent House
Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deadguy, Coalesce, Cave In
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Sargent House
Metalcore/Metallic Hardcore/Mathcore

                Pfft… what have the Roman’s ever done for us? Yes, yes, apart from sanitation, roads, medicine, aqueducts, safety and peace… what have the Roman’s actually done for us? Well, friends, Romans, countrymen… lend me your ears because this year has Sargent House reissuing ‘We Are the Romans’, the impressive 2007 album from Botch.

                2007 was a different time; YouTube was still in its infancy and your grandparents weren’t on social media, but Botch were on top of their game. Therefore, with this reissue of ‘We Are the Romans’, the listener gets a colossal slab of metalcore, but this is just called metalcore out of respect of a pigeonhole because this is a large injection of mathcore too. That’s right, ‘We Are the Romans’ was the thinking person’s metalcore spliced with enough shit-kicking post-hardcore/metallic hardcore sound that it really sorted the wheat from the chaff and it paid dividends. What the listener gets here with this reissue is not just the original album from Botch, but they’ll also get an interesting remix of ‘Thank God for Worker Bees’ which gives a new light on this track from ‘American Nervoso’. Furthermore, there is a plethora of bonus tracks here for the Botch fan to get their teeth into from demo versions of tracks which would appear on this album to blistering live versions of the likes of ‘Vietmam’ and ‘Hutton’s Great Heat Engine’.

                For the avid fan of Botch, this reissue is arguably a must have and for those who have since acquired a vested interest in metalcore/post-hardcore/metallic hardcore, ‘We Are the Romans’ is simply an album that you must check out and this Sargent House reissue provides the perfect opportunity.

"a must have reissue for Botch fans"

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