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Tersivel – ‘To the Orphic Void’

Uprising! Records
Enslaved, Gojira, The Ocean, Opeth
Release Date
Uprising! Records
Death/Doom Metal

Tersivel is a veteran band performing the risky task of transitioning away from their established genre. The latest album, ‘To the Orphic Void’ sees the band move away from their folk metal roots and into a more modern sound. Some folk elements still exist but gone are the dated-sounding synths that acted as a poor facsimile of the medieval instruments they were meant to portray. In its place are more subtle and consequently more powerful keyboard work.

The stripping away of these prior elements reveals music that often reminds the listener of a present-day Gojira while simultaneously maintaining the triumphant arrangements of Tersivel’s folk past. The arrangements are the strong suit of the album and they are allowed to shine under this evolved style. Songs like ‘Moving On’ have unmistakable Gojira-like heavy crescendos but they are built up to by beautiful orchestral passages prior to unleashing the fury. At the culmination of these moments, Tersivel knows exactly when to sit in a groove and for how long. They never overstay their welcome before propelling into another musical position to pique the listener and this is done even in the longer songs which can reach seven to even ten minutes.

This album was a downright pleasure to discover. I hope it proves successful because I for one like their new sound over the old. It’s a big leap. It’s compelling, progressive, and perilous. The most important part that can’t be overlooked while celebrating the growth is it’s just a damn good album.

"just a damn good album"

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