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Disillusion – ‘Ayam’

Prophecy Productions
Persefone, In Mourning, In Vain, Frantic Bleep, Barren Earth, Kalisia, Wilderun
Release Date
November 4, 2022
Prophecy Productions
Melodic/Progressive Death Metal

Disillusion takes familiar elements from progressive metal and uses them as building blocks to craft something unique. One can pick out the Opeth-like clean progressive sections. One can pick out the modern “argent metal” ambience layered over chugging guitar riffs. These are merely ingredients in a larger whole. The arrangements of these components coupled with Andy Schmidt’s barking spoken word create something completely different.

After the stories of the songs are established with the spoken word, the chorus singing sections have a distinctively German delivery and harmony layering. The screamed vocals are also distinguished as they are less of a death metal growl and more of a heightened and forceful delivery on the spoken word style that Schmidt utilizes.

The music while progressive never ventures into odd territory for the sake of it. All of the time signatures are fairly standard, which is a good thing. This isn’t prog for nerds. The musical passages serve the story rather than the players. ‘Ayam’ is exciting and beautiful. Its only drawback is most of the heavy songs are front-loaded. Midway through the record, the pace slows and the album doesn’t pick back up to its previous heights until the final song’s crescendo. Perhaps the message of ‘Ayam’ requires the songs to be in this order but the dynamics would certainly be helped by spreading out the hard-hitters. For dedicated prog fans, this is likely to not be an issue. For them, this album could sit comfortably right next to their Soen and Porcupine Tree albums. It holds its own with these paragons.

"'Ayam' is really enjoyable progressive melodic death metal"

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